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Buying freight containers is not a difficult task if you keep some specific key points in mind and contact the right container supplier. It is quite normal to get confused but with the right strategies, you can grab the ones that are the best for the job.

Before talking about the points, let’s talk briefly about, “What is a maritime container?

A maritime shipping container is a steel or aluminum box that comes in different sizes. There are different container types available in distinct container dimensions to fulfill the businesses’ needs. It has been helping us for decades by transporting the goods that we use in our daily lives. From the day they were invented to now, they have seen many transformations to help the consumers in cargo transportation of various kinds. Earlier the movement of food items, flowers, medicines, chemicals, liquid, and gaseous items, and other such merchandise was not even possible. But today with the help of cargo containers, the loaders are transferring them with great affordability and ease.

Now, let’s move to the specific points you need to take into consideration before buying a freight container. They also help you by answering the most sought answer, ‘’How do I choose a shipping container?

Duration of Usage

Before buying freight containers, one has to keep in mind for how long they need them! If you want to get them for a longer time duration, then you must purchase new shipping containers as they can run for many years without any issue. Buying gives much better solutions than renting boxes in long-term usage.

Whereas if one wants metal shipping units for a lesser time period, then it is better that they should get the freight shipping containers for rent as though leasing containers for a long time may feel expensive but when they are taken for less duration, it solves the purpose and burdens the pocketless.

Size and dimension

You should always select the dimension and size that is suitable for you. If one buys a bigger size then they are shelling extra price and have lots of space vacant. And if one buys it in a smaller size than needed then they will have to suffer as their whole merchandise will not be able to be accommodated in one. There is a standard dimension of storage boxes: 20ft and 40ft shipping container. Other than this, there are high cube containers that come in different sizes like 20ft high cube, 40ft high cube, and 45ft high cube.

Different container dimensions are given below:

20ft shipping container

Internal dimension 19’4 x 7’8 x 7’10
External dimension 19’10 x 8’0” x 8’6”
Door Opening 7’8 x 7’5

40ft Shipping Container

Internal dimension 39’5 x 7’8 x 7’10
External dimension 40’ x 8’ x 8’6”
Door Opening 7’8 x 7’5

20ft High Cube Shipping Container

Internal dimension 19.35ft x 7’69” x 8’84”
External dimension 19’87” x 7’99”x 9’50”
Door Opening 7’64” x 8’45”

40ft High Cube Shipping Container

Internal dimension 39’47” x 7’69” x 8’84”
External dimension 40’ x 7’99” x 9’50”
Door Opening 7’64” x 8’45”

45ft High Cube Shipping Container

Internal dimension 44’47” x 7’67” x 8’84”
External dimension 45’ x 7’99” x 9’50”
Door Opening 7’67” x 8’48”

Usage and Features

Depending on usage and features, one can decide the type of shipping unit they want. If you have tall machinery then you may need hard top open top or open top container. If you have dry merchandise that doesn’t need any specific requirement, then you can go for a dry van. In the case of transportation and storage of heavy machinery, you will need side door containers as they provide ease of keeping goods from side door openings. And if you want to compartmentalize the goods, then double door containers will be better.

While transporting or storage of food items, seafood, medicines, and other such items that need a proper temperature, buy reefer or insulated container. Flat racks and platform container gives you the possibility of storing and moving out-of-the-gauge cargo. And with pallet wide, you give your goods extra safety. If moving of liquid or gaseous items is in your agenda, then tanker container is most suitable for you. And the transfer of bulky items is possible with bulker containers.

So, depending on the type of usage you can choose better. Features like whether you need double door entry or one big side door, whether you need customization of logos and color, whether you need boxes that incorporate pallets or other such features can be the deciding factor in buying freight containers

Storage of Containers

Before buying steel shipping containers, one should keep in mind that the shipping units need large space to be stored in. And everyone doesn’t have bigger places to store steel boxes! If you don’t have a bigger place to store it, then by contacting your container supplier, you will get depot services from them. Container depots help in keeping the shipping and storage boxes by giving a secure and safe environment. (For Example: If ‘A’ buys a shipping container in Hamburg and doesn’t have a place to keep it, then ‘A’ can store the boxes by taking container depot service in Hamburg.)

Container depots are a feasible option as in highly trafficked areas, it is difficult to take permission to store the cargo units due to space crunch. And in depots, one never has to worry about the security of metal boxes but when they store them on their own then it is the owner’s responsibility.

Condition of Containers

The condition of containers should also be given due importance. It is a deciding factor in helping you buy or lease freight containers. New boxes are the ones that are taken for a longer time duration, say more than 5 years. Used containers are the ones that have been in use for quite a time but in the case of working, they work flawlessly for years. One-trip shipping containers are the ones that have completed one trip after getting constructed and are as good as new. Cargo-worthy is defined under CSC certification and works well in spite of being old. Wind and water-tight ones may have a bit more damage than cargo-worthy but work as efficiently. IICL-5 may have witnessed some repairs but when it comes to working, they are as good as new. The condition of cargo boxes helps you in getting cargo units in your price range.

Price of Containers

One should also remember the price factor before buying a freight container. If one has a good budget and needs the steel box for long-term usage then they should go for new cargo containers. (If ‘X’ wants to buy storage containers in Denver for more than 5 years usage for new business, then s/he must get a new maritime shipping container.) But if the budget is low and duration is less, then one can get used shipping units.

Leasing a freight box is also a good option for the ones who don’t have enough money handy as they can rent cargo containers and save extra expenses. They have to return the boxes after the lease period is over.

When containers fulfilled the purpose

Before buying freight containers, one should also note what to do after the metal shipping units have served their purpose. As keeping storage boxes is not an easy task. Due to their bigger size, they need a large space and after they have been used, their storage will be a pricey affair. But to solve this issue, container buyback service is there. In this, the supplier buys back the boxes that you have purchased from them. Thus, you don’t ever have to worry about the boxes, as you have the advantage of selling shipping containers and getting better deals.

Contact Container Supplier

Contacting a good container supplier is a must. Till you have got the best shipping container company that fulfills all your boxes’ needs, you must keep searching for them. A trustworthy and transparent company can help you in all your business needs and help you carry out all international project-related tasks with maximum flexibility and ease.

The above-mentioned points are must to adhere to before buying freight containers. From deciding the type of container to contacting the right container supplier, it needs quite a lot of strategies to get hands-on the perfect maritime shipping container. LOTUS Containers is a versatile shipping container provider that has huge container stock of all types and sizes to help you fulfill all container requirements. We have been offering shipping containers in California, Hamburg, and other parts of the world for decades with optimum affordability.

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