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LOTUS Containers is one of the top specialists in providing shipping container solutions since 2008. We distribute shipping containers as well as storage containers all over the world with the utmost affordability and flexibility. Although we are located in Germany near Hamburg, we are an international player in container trading with representative offices all over the world like Europe, Asia, North and South America because of that we have very stable market knowledge. Whether it be in Hamburg or Jebel Ali, no place for us is unreachable. Not only do we provide intermodal transportation for shipping containers which you have bought but we also have a variety of services you can benefit from. For example, the buyback service where we offer you to buy back the shipping containers you have bought from us and we provide you with a fair price for it, where you don´t need to worry about the point and place to sell your containers.

All around service. A perfect solution.
LOTUS Containers can organize everything for you – from the purchase of the containers to the Intermodal container transportation for the shipping containers which you have bought from us. With locations and representative offices in Europe, China, North and South America, we support our customers with international and local expertise. We are experts in providing the right kind of containers for you whether it be for shipping, storage or cargo. This means that we can achieve the optimum results anytime, anywhere.

Our 6 competences

1. Container sales

LOTUS Containers will sell and buy shipping containers according to customers need. Might it be, used shipping Containers or perhaps you need your SOC units in a specific colour for advertisement purposes. In regards to that, we offer an intermodal transportation service where we deliver the shipping container to the point of discharge which is determent by the customer. We can meet all the modern challenges and requirements by responding immediately to all your needs.

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Our 6 competences

2. Container buyback

We give you the option of selling your shipping containers back to us from the target destination, regardless of quality and type, thanks to our repurchasing concept. And this not only applies to high-frequency seaports around the world, but also for much more exotic locations. This simplifies the handling of international projects and other cost, operations associated with it. An option more for you and an argument more for us.

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Our 6 competences

3. Container projects

LOTUS Containers is your specialist for international project-related tasks. We provide professional support for all requirements by offering a wide range of container solutions and intermodal logistics – the more specialized, the better. GO LOTUS® offers you more in depth knowledge about your containers that sea freight companies don’t always provide. Are you already familiar with our leasing concepts or the LOTUS Containers sales and repurchase concepts?

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Our 6 competences

4. Transport solutions

When LOTUS Containers have shipping containers for sale that suits your requirements, we offer you together with the purchase of the shipping containers also an Intermodal transportation solution. No matter where you need your shipping containers and also storage containers that, we´ll lead the way. We will select the most suitable form of transport, from tractor-trailers, domestic shipping and rail. LOTUS Containers helps you with your intermodal freight shipping needs.

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Our 6 competences

5. Depot services

Flexibility, speed, certification: LOTUS Containers can meet all modern challenges and requirements in terms of depots to enable seamless processes. We respond immediately and offer numerous services on request, e.g. we can photograph the condition of the containers.

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Our 6 competences

6. The silk road

LOTUS Containers is your specialist for intercontinental projects. Opt for the shortest transport route between Asia and Europe – we offer the perfect rail solutions thanks to our well-founded market knowledge and necessary equipment.

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The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Benjamin Franklin

Even LOTUS is an international player we always have direct contacts and personal assistance in all our issues. This makes LOTUS particularly personable in a fast-changing economic environment.

JiHong Yang, General Manager Assistant at ZZJT – Zhengzhou International Hub Development and Construction Co., Ltd

As a partner in international projects LOTUS is a major player we work with. LOTUS´s international experience and especially their unique buy-back solution makes them unique in the market.

Steffen W. Fulst, Managing Director at Karl Gross Internationale Spedition GmbH

Lotus and we are partners since many years. We share and live the same values like transparency, reliability and competitive service.

Ian K. Karan, Former Senator of the Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg