The Intermodal Europe 2023

Intermodal Europe 2023 Event

Attention, shipping industry! Have you been following the recent news stories on Intermodal Europe 2023? The Intermodal Event is a significant international shipping conference, expo, and meetup where individuals worldwide gather to exchange essential ideas.

This blog will go through every element of the Intermodal Europe 2023 event and the benefits of coming along.

What is the Intermodal Event?

The Intermodal Event is a global meeting of the shipping industry where experts, leaders and businesses from all over the world unite to share new thoughts and innovative ideas and give sustainable measures for the shipping industry. 

This meeting allows enterprises from different locales to share their vices and enhance their networks. 

When is it going to happen?

The Intermodal Event 2023 will start on the 10th of October and continue until the 12th of October. This three-day event is where shipping sectors reunite with their most straightforward yet powerful ideas. 

The Event for Intermodal started back in 1988 by Informa PLC. This Event occurs every year, but we saw a slight variation in the frequency due to the pandemic.  

Importance of the Event

Intermodal Event has been the most imperative business platform for professionals in the container, transport, and logistics industries for over four decades. The exhibition covers various topics: container manufacturing, leasing, trade, freight handling equipment, cold chain management, insurance and software services. 

Intermodal Europe 2023 is an explicit event where an exhibition, conference and forum discussion of the shipping market occur. Big brands and over 140+ leading global suppliers will have the marvellous opportunity to seize the latest innovations. 

This platform is free to attend, allowing the world’s leading distributors to collaborate and refurbish their ideas and see the newest breakthroughs and logistics solutions. More than 6500 trade visitors access expert panel discussions, technical updates, and case studies to get enriched with the latest technologies. This is a competitive platform where businesses from the shipping industry strive to bring the best collaborators, new clients and expert advice to stay ahead of the panel. 

What can you expect out of the Intermodal Event?

You have a location to conduct business with new, established, and potential providers at the Intermodal Event.

Customers seek information on the newest technological advancements and novel products, services, and solutions. They also want to know about the challenges and possibilities the shipping and cargo container industries face.

At the Intermodal Conference, attendees can access more than 30 hours of high-calibre content. They can learn crucial details about the nature of the market, the most enticing potentials, and the newest technological advances through guest speakers, advisory panel dialogues, technical updates, and interviews.

What should you look for at the Intermodal Event?

One can look out for the forums like:

  1. Cybersecurity and ways to handle threats.
  2. Innovations around the cold chain.
  3. IoT in container tracking.
  4. Expansion of container range with 53ft containers.
  5. Use of machine learning and data analytics. 
  6. Global container market, and many more.

One can obtain a complete view of the sustainable business practices that should be followed per IMO requirements. This Event will also provide the main impetus for freight containers for the 21st century and give insights into newer technologies that showcase intelligent terminals and ports. 

You can also:

  • Learn about the most recent developments in container technology.
  • Find fresh goods, services, and solutions from global producers and suppliers.
  • With more than 30 hours of free conference sessions offering helpful tips and ideas, discuss with thought leaders in your field.
  • Connect with senior-level peers, network with them, and establish partnerships.

Intermodal Europe 2023 has major agendas like learning about the most recent developments in science and technology and new goods, services, and solutions. Senior buyers want to hear about the opportunities and problems facing the container shipping industry and network with other senior buyers.

After a three-year hiatus, Intermodal Event is back. LOTUS Containers is excited to see you at the Intermodal Europe 2023. Join us at this Event and get enriched with industry-level knowledge from container manufacturing to Inland Intermodal Hubs and many more. Visit our website for more information:

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