All Geared for Intermodal Event

Intermodal Event

An Intermodal Event will take place in Europe from November 8-10, where personas from the container transport and logistics field will gather together. The Intermodal Event is an avant-garde expo and convention for shipping, intermodal containers, and logistics industries. The unparalleled speakers and keynote personalities from the respective sectors come together for the program.

This program has been taking place for four decades and has seen tremendous results in the last decade. The event couldn’t take place for two years in the wake of the pandemic. This year also all the attendees are enthusiastic about the expo. The platform has attendees of over 6000 worldwide logistics, shipping, and cargo container companies. The idea is to enhance reach, meet and carry on business one-to-one, build brand reputation, and improve business relationships with industry fellow persons.

The three-day Intermodal Event allows the delegates to acquaint themselves with new consumers and nurture association with the existing customers. The businesses get new and vast opportunities to collaborate with potential consumers internationally. The companies exhibit their latest services and products to engage consumers for better opportunities.

Why attend the event?

The personnel meet 140+ leading global shipping companies and container suppliers, discover new products and services and learn about the distinct innovations and technologies from different industries’ experts in one space. With this event, the companies can make the right decisions by networking with the right businesses and consumers. The event is free for all, and the attendees can participate in over 30+ free hours of different conference sessions.

What are the benefits of attending the Intermodal Expo?

The exhibition stands at Intermodal Event help the companies realize their goals and assist decision-makers worldwide and in Europe. The benefits they offer are

  • The companies can make direct marketing and sales.
  • They can create more leads internationally.
  • The businesses promote and develop connections with new and existing consumers.
  • The event gives them a place to introduce new products and services.
  • It becomes the perfect place to test new proposals and ideas.
  • Brand reach and brand awareness enhancement.
  • New market developments and get support from distinct sales channels.
  • Face-to-face meet-ups with new and existing prospects and turn queries into sales.

Intermodal Europe Sustainability

The Intermodal Europe event will be in tandem with sustainability as it is essential for the supply chain, our attendees, and businesspeople. Such an important event gives the businesses many opportunities to improve and impact environmental, social, and economic opportunities. The event is for connecting like-minded people and improving supply chain disruptions.

The main focus of this event is on:

  • Enhancing collaborations that are in tandem with the market.
  • Support sustainability cause through the event and its content.
  • Promote sustainability among container providers, exhibitors, and other collaborators.
  • Reduce carbon emissions for the event.
  • Generate less waste.
  • Sustainability credentials considerations for the sourced items.
  • Carry on businesses securely and ethically.
  • Accessible and checking and maintaining health and wellbeing.
  • Positive impact creation on the host cities.
  • Impact measurements.

LOTUS Containers, a stellar shipping container company, is all geared for the event. We will keep coming up with more updates for Intermodal Event, 2022.

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