LOTUS Containers Group welcomes new colleagues to complete a successful year!

Dear valued customers,

Today we would like to introduce to you two very competent new additions to the LOTUS Team. Our new Head of Finance, Ms Petra Reusch-Trümper and Ms Svenja Bierfreund who will be complementing our Operations team with her expertise in disposition and intermodal transport logistics.

We are confident that both in their individual trades will bring strong value to LOTUS Containers and drive our growth strategy.

Best regards,

LOTUS Containers Group

Ms Petra Reusch-Trümper
Head of Finance for LOTUS Containers since December 1, 2017
We are happy to introduce Ms Petra Reusch-Trümper, the new Head of our Finance Department. She brings with her over 30 years of professional experience having worked for law firms, medium-sized companies as well as Groups. Among other responsibilities Ms Petra Reusch-Trümper had also served 10 years in a staff unit position in a tax department and was the interface between the individual subsidiaries and tax consultants/accountants. She was also responsible for the coordination of the annual financial statements for pre-tax reimbursement procedures, standard value procedures and much more. We are confident that Ms Petra Reusch-Trümper will effectively lead our finance team and its functions. Her proficiency in financial accounting and preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns will be an enrichment to our customers and LOTUS Containers.

Please join us in welcoming Petra to our team!

Ms Svenja Bierfreund
Operations Manager for LOTUS Containers since December 1, 2017
Our operations team is now more able than ever! We are pleased to welcome our new member of the operations department, Ms Svenja Bierfreund. Ms Bierfreund is a trained forwarding specialist and brings with her sound experience in intermodal and sea freight as well as import procedures, she will allow us to cater to the needs of a wide range of clients in the future.

Nice having you on board, Svenja!

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