Intermodal Europe back again!

Intermodal Europe is back

Intermodal Europe, an event for shipping and intermodal transport, is back again in 2022. It will be held on November 8-10. Last, it took place in 2019 but couldn’t occur due to the pandemic prevailing for three years. The expo provides an impeccable chance for the shipping container and transportation industry to come together to increase sales, share their ideas, and meet with peer industry experts. The intermodal event gives you a place to do business vis-à-vis new, older, and possible providers. Buyers want to learn about the most recent technological developments and new goods, services, and solutions. They also want to hear about the opportunities and problems facing the shipping and cargo container industry. This also gives them a chance to network with other senior buyers.

Intermodal Europe is making a comeback after three years with enthusiasm. With this event, you get to:

Learn about the newest developments: Learn more about the latest goods, services, technological advancements, and innovations.

Connect with peers at a higher level: With more than 30+ hours of conference content available for free, learn about the most recent difficulties and possibilities facing the container shipping industry.

Reestablish contact with your sector: Meet up in person with thousands of people who share your interests and the experts in your business.

Intermodal Europe 2019 welcomed attendees from 90+ countries and has also taken place in Asia and Africa. The diverse audience from cold chain storage, container manufacturers and components, container leasing, freight forwarding and NVOCC, and other related industry come together to meet face-to-face and increase sales. The event is all about

  • Boosting your brand’s recognition and global presence.
  • Presenting and introducing fresh goods, services, and remedies.
  • Speaking to a senior-level buyer audience that is in high demand.
  • Establishing your company’s position as a thought leader with the Intermodal Europe content program.

The free deep-dive events at Intermodal Europe are a vital, instructive, and exciting learning opportunity. They range from strategic, big-picture keynotes to expert panel discussions, technical updates, and case studies.

At Intermodal Europe, you network with top industry figures and learn about cutting-edge innovation, technology, sustainability, efficiency, and security developments. The following forums are scheduled for Intermodal Europe 2022:

  • Outlook of the global container market
  • The Belt and Road Forum  
  • The Race to Net-Zero
  • Dealing with cybersecurity
  • Cold chain innovation
  • Rethinking the freight container for the 21st Century
  • Amsterdam focus
  • Benefits to IoT in container tracking
  • Machine learning and data analytics 
  • Optimizing metal shipping containers
  • Smart terminals and ports
  • AI-Assisted container damage detection

The attendees and exhibitors are becoming more and more interested in sustainability today. Thus, the event focuses on reducing the adverse effects on the environment, society’s social fabric, and the host cities’ economic vitality. Intermodal Europe serves as a catalyst for sustainable growth. It helps in utilizing the material to promote the market’s sustainability that the event serves, motivating the vendors, exhibitors, and other participants to produce a sustainable event and making alliances that are important to the market.

Intermodal Europe event is going to be more environmentally conscious. The event will work on lowering carbon emissions by generating less trash, considering the sustainability of the supplies sourced for the event. The event will also be socially responsible by emphasizing conducting business responsibly and morally, taking accessibility and well-being into account, and positively influencing the host cities to evaluate the event’s effects.

LOTUS Containers, a leading shipping container company, will keep coming up with more updates for Intermodal Europe 2022. The LOTUS team is excited to return to an in-person event at Intermodal Europe on November 8–10 after missing out for three years owing to COVID19 and looks forward to getting up with all of our associates and meeting new industry leaders. The group is eager to meet you at the Intermodal Event. Bon Voyage.

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