How Shipping Container Lock Provides an Additional Layer of Security

Shipping container lock in UK

The arrival of the shipping container lock changed the way one shipped or stored the cargo or provided security to shipping containers home. There are different types of locks to secure different types of shipping containers.

The shipping container has been helping humans by providing premium storage container solutions for decades. They are made of highly corrugated steel or aluminum, thus, provide durability, sturdiness, and resilience. The freight container is air and watertight and is easy to maintain. That is why people nowadays use them as home and office solutions. But there is a big question that one can avoid!

It is that, the intermodal container that gives security to the cargo, what gives security to them. They have one sturdy door that when closed makes it secured. But there have been cases in which in the absence of shipping container locks, the unwanted humans burgle the cargo units. When miscreants get whiff off the valuable items, they try to steal them. And for them, even the sturdier metal shipping container is not impenetrable. Moreover, when you modify them into a home or office, you install windows and doors. This installation makes it easier for the thieves to go inside and damage the home or loot home belongings.

But one can secure them with a different type of shipping container lock. So, let’s know about them all.

What is the different type of container lock?

The different type of shipping container lock that is listed below provides security to the freight container.

Container Padlocks

Padlocks are suitable for hinged, sliding, or rolling doors and are one of the basic locks. They are used in shipping units that have a lockbox. They are made of high-quality steel, crafted in U-shape, and have a high-security cylinder. The locks provide a tamper-proof lock system and their specific U shape helps them to square with the padlock shackle. The strong steel padlock with the keys is still much better than the digital padlock ones that are mushrooming in the market.

Hidden Shackle Padlocks

This lock is best when you have to store the intermodal container in an unsecured container depot, unsafe zone or you live in an area that doesn’t have a good atmosphere. The shackle and the body of the lock come with steel balls that make them totally unbreakable. How much advanced the burglar is and come bearing bolt cutters, bump keys, or lock picks, they won’t be able to pass through it. And this quality of them, makes the burglars stay away from your valuables.

Crossbar Locks

Crossbar locks make the storage boxes impenetrable as they are expandable locks designed of tubular steel. They provide extra security as they are easily installable. They cover the locking rod or handle of the door, thus keeping the lock steadily in place, hence rendering the door safe from any type of tampering. With crossbar locks, you make your shipping box secured with an additional layer of security.

Roll Door Lockboxes

Rolling doors are an alternative for hinged double doors. It is necessary for rolling doors to smoothly open and close. Different types of lockboxes are there for rolling doors to make them safe. There are some lockboxes that are made to automatically lock the door after closing. And some of them have traditional hasps. Roll door shipping container lock box helps the container owner sleep peacefully.

Truck Seals

Truck seals are metal bolt seals that come in two distinct parts that are the bolt and the lock. The bolt is constructed from iron or steel and when put into the lock mechanism, it provides security to the door of the cargo box by snapping into the place. They are one of the cheapest lock fixing methods. The seals stop the doors from opening suddenly.


Lockboxes are not locks but are strong and large boxes that give covering to padlocks and hidden shackle locks. The lockboxes make them fully anti-theft and tamper-proof. One can remove the drawback of limiting the size of the lock with different customizations. Good and smart lockboxes make the owners live their life without any hassle and fear.

After knowing about a different type of shipping container lock, let’s move to see, “How to select the best container lock?”

By following the given below steps one can choose the best lock system to get an added layer of security.

  • Always check the dimensions of the lock shackle or hasps of the shipping unit before installing the lockbox.
  • Get a lock system that has a complex mechanism as it deters the robbers from even trying to break in.
  • Securing the freight units with more than one lock system makes it impossible for the looter to break in.
  • The more hidden and upgraded your lock system is, the more it deters the thieves from entering in. The exposed lock systems make the boxes an easy target for them to barge in.

Safeguard the container by beefing up other security features

  • The state-of-the-art and advanced CCTV cameras in the indoor and outdoor part of the metal shipping container provide good security and the burglar shies away from even moving near them. Such cameras record every movement live and share it with the owners. This instills the feeling of security in them.
  • Alarm systems with heat and motion sensors are also a good investment. They are good for security purposes. As they deter unwanted people from going. The alarm activates when someone steps near them.
  • A qualified security agency, personnel, or trained dogs also chase the thieves away from burgling the containers.

Thus, we see that a shipping container lock not only provides security but keeps unwanted people away from the steel shipping containers. Now, while shipping cargo units to far-off places, or securing valuables in storage boxes, or staying in container homes in unsafe colonies, safeguard the boxes with avant-garde lock systems to be worry-free.

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