20' Side Door

This container type has sides that can be fully or partially opened to access the interior. The sides can be made of steel doors or tarpaulin.
  • suitable for transport and storage
  • different opening possibilities for front, rear and side doors, depending on container model
  • side(s) can be partially or fully opened on one or both sides by means of a hinged door or hinged sides divided into sections
  • loaded and discharged from the side
  • curtain side containers operate using a similar principal however the sides use tarpaulin as opposed to steel doors
inside dimensions
length mm 5844
length ft 19' 2 1/16"
width mm 2224
width ft 7' 3 9/16"
height mm 2604
height ft 8' 6 1/2"
capacity cbm 33,8
capacity cbft 1190
tare kg 4400
tare pd 9700
max. payload kg 19600
max. payload pd 43210
max. gross kg 24000
max. gross pd 52910
ISO size type 22G2/22G3
ISO size group 22GP
outside dimensions
length mm 6058
length ft 19' 10 1/2"
width mm 2438
width ft 8'
height mm 2591
height ft 8' 6"
door opening
width mm 2114
width ft 6' 11 3/16"
height mm 2474
height ft 8' 1 3/8"
width side door mm 5702
width side door ft 18' 8 1/2"
height side door mm 2154
height side door ft 2154
roof opening
height mm ./.
height ft ./.
width mm ./.
width ft ./.

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