Fast forwarding the freight forward

The recent boom in the e-commerce industry has kind of brought the entire world to our fingertips, be it on our mobile phones or through our computers. E-commerce has changed the way our world functions, whether it is an occasion that calls for a celebration or shopping for new electronic appliances, all these transactions that earlier used to be none less than a mammoth time-consuming task, have now been reduced to lucid, hassle-free experience and e-commerce has a great contribution in this but underneath lies the baseline of complex supply chain which also in multiple ways has evolved keeping in sight the changing dynamics of Industries enabling the buying and selling behaviour of customers. The transport of the right goods at the right time to the right place is what the freight forward is all about.

All the industries have a great reliance on timely availability of goods and products to ensure the commitment to clients and this brings us to the interesting world of freight forwarders – for starters, if you’re coming across this term for the first time, then this definition may help you understand what we are exactly talking about. “A freight forwarder or a forwarding agent, also known as a non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC), is a person or company that organizes shipments for individuals or corporations to get goods from the manufacturer or producer to a market, customer or final point of distribution.” This is where LOTUS Containers offer services of shipping containers and storage containers to the freight forwarders & traders for the freight shipping requirements of the end users and help them fast forward the entire engagement in this entire value chain.

At LOTUS Containers, you can count on us for your container requirements such as the best-in-class storage containers or shipping containers. We have been serving clients of all sizes and industry, be it one of the biggest names in the electronic industry that ships several containers full of appliances and gadgets, to the start-up that manages a very straight supply chain of a couple of containers per week. We also serve clients those who are Carriers and serve their freight forwarder clientele to fulfil the order of shipping the containers through Ships, Railroads or trucks.

In today’s digital age of e-commerce and m-commerce, wherein next day delivery and same day delivery is not just an option anymore but slowly becoming the usual practice, such carriers are the most sought after that enable the freight forwarders to fast forward their delivery timelines and be cost efficient at the same moment. LOTUS Containers offer services and solutions that transcend customer expectations and enable the swift movement of goods in our world-class freight containers and shipping containers. Thus at LOTUS Containers, striving for the highest standards in quality of services and containers takes the central stage while your freight set the sail!

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