Dry Van Container: Size, Dimension, and other Specifications Explained

Dry van container is one of the different container types extremely suitable for the shipment of almost all kinds of dry freight. Given below is a detailed insight on dry van container type, features, uses, advantages and disadvantages.

The transportation of cargo from one location to another was not an easy task. It was a tedious process, as there was no dedicated industry to the shipping of goods. The process of transportation involved a lot of different vehicles at different locations, making it a tiresome procedure.

However, since the advent of shipping containers, it has made it very easy for individuals and companies who are looking to buy shipping containers to transport their cargo from one location to another. These come in various sizes, dimensions and have a wide variety for each kind of cargo that needs to be transported from one location to another.

What is a shipping container?

A shipping container is a vessel that stores goods that are to be transported from one location to another, be it locally or on an international level. These containers are made to hold cargo and then transfer it to different locations via varied routes as well as modes of transportation.

Shipping containers have changed the shipping and transport industry, permitting the transportation of cargo from one location to another easily. This helps increase proficiency and economies of scale as approximately $3tn of trade happens through shipping containers each year.

Shipping containers are produced using materials like steel, aluminum, fiber-supported polymer, etc., or a blend of all.

Given below is a list of the various kinds of cargo containers that are used widely. You can get detailed information on any of these just by clicking on the name of the type of containers you are interested in.

1. Dry Van
2. Pallet Wide
3. Double Door
4. Side Door
5. Open Top
6. Hard Roof Open Top
7. Flat Rack 8. Platform
9. Insulated
10. Reefer
11. Bulkers
12. Tanks

LOTUS Containers is a leading container supplier company that works at an international level, and provides you with a wide variety of new and used shipping containers on lease as well.

This particular blog is solely focused on Dry van containers. Once you are done reading this blog, you will have complete information on what exactly is a dry van container and where you can buy or lease dry van containers. Stay tuned!

What is a Dry Van Shipping Container?

Did you realize that around 90% of the world’s payload is moved by ships? Out of this 90%, the most commonly used cargo box is the dry van container, which is also referred to as the standard shipping container.

These are generally made of aluminum or steel, and as the name suggest, are made for the transportation of dry cargo. These shipping containers come with the qualities of being fully enclosed, weatherproof, with a firm roof, sidewalls, and floor.

The standard variable is completely airtight and does not come with the feature of temperature control or ventilation that is why it is most commonly used to ship dry goods that do not require any specific measures.

They are available in standard dimensions, with a width of 2.40m and a height of 2.60m. The most popular dimensions in terms of heights are the ones that measure 20 and 40 feet, or 6 and 12 meters.

Here are some details explaining all types of dry van container dimensions-

Various dimensions of Dry Van Containers

20 ft dry van

                       Internal dimensions 19’4×7’8×7’10
                       External dimensions 19’10×8’x8’6
                       Door opening 7’8×7’5
                       Max. gross weight 67200 lbs.

40 ft dry van

                       Internal dimensions 39’5×7’8×7’10
                       External dimensions 40’x8’x8’6
                       Door opening 7’8×7’5
                       Max. gross weight 67200 lbs.

40 ft high cube dry van

                       Internal dimensions 39’5×7’8×8’10
                       External dimensions 40x8x9’6
                       Door opening 7’8×8’5
                       Max. gross weight 67200 lbs.

45 ft high cube dry van

                      Internal dimensions 44’5×7’11×8’10
                      External dimensions 45’x8’x9’6
                      Door opening 7’8×8’5
                      Max. gross weight 67064 lbs.

Special features of dry van containers

  • Dry van containers are the most commonly used category of shipping containers. They are also generally referred to as dry cargo containers, standard containers, or boxes.
  • These cargo boxes are well suitable for shipping as well as for storage.
  • Dry van carriers are often referred to as general-purpose containers as they can carry most goods that are dry and do not need any sort of temperature control.
  • These are usually made from aluminum or steel and are thus recommended for general or dry freight.
  • The flooring in these carriers is pre-undercoated for extending the floor life. Sealants are also applied on the floorboards to ensure leak protection.

Benefits of using Dry Van Shipping Containers

When you think about freight transportation the first thing that comes to your mind is dry van shipping containers. Here is a list of reasons telling you why it is the most sought after type of container in today’s time:

Used for both shipping and storage purposes

Dry van containers are used to store goods and transport them locally and internationally. They are primarily used for the transportation of nonperishable food items and construction supplies.

  • Protection from natural elements: Dry van cargo boxes come with an enclosed box where the goods are stored. This protects them from natural elements like rains, winds, and snowfall while the goods are in transit, or even if they are in a storage location. They help to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination without any damages.
  • Protection from theft: Since dry can carriers are completely enclosed from all four sides, no one can have access to its components. While the container is in transit, it is in a locked box where nobody except authorized personnel is allowed to touch the goods.
  • Save time: Dry van transporters also work in a drop and snare style where any vacant trailer is immediately unloaded of its contents and simultaneously a fully loaded trailer is picked. This procedure helps significantly in saving your time.
  • Cost-saving: Dry van freight boxes are the most well-known sort of containers utilized by transportation organizations, which is an added advantage for most businesses that require frequent shipping. Since so many firms offer dry van shipping as a facility, it is a highly competitive industry. This implies that suppliers are continually attempting to push out their rival suppliers by offering a better cost.

If you need a dry van container supplying company that will consistently provide personalized, responsive, and accommodating services, LOTUS Containers is the right place for you. We are a leading market player in the shipping container industry and provide you with a wide variety of new and used shipping containers on sale and lease. We also provide after-sales services like the buyback option which only our firm provides you where you can sell us your used containers purchased from us. With representative offices all around the world, we have the right knowledge and skills to make your shipping process a piece of cake for you.

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