40' Platform

This container type is similar to the flat rack but can also accommodate cargos that protrude beyond the length of the platform itself.
  • mainly used to carry goods which, because of their dimensions or weight, cannot be carried in a closed container
  • suitable for extremely heavy-duty
  • cargo is secured via different lashing bars on the outside profile of the bottom side rail
inside dimensions
length mm ./.
length ft ./.
width mm ./.
width ft ./.
height mm ./.
height ft ./.
capacity cbm ./.
capacity cbft ./.
tare kg 5700
tare pd 12570
max. payload kg 39300
max. payload pd 86640
max. gross kg 45000
max. gross pd 99210
ISO size type 42P0
ISO size group 42PL
outside dimensions
length mm 12192
length ft 40'
width mm 2438
width ft 8' 6''
height mm 648
height ft 2' 1 1/2''
door opening
width mm ./.
width ft ./.
height mm ./.
height ft ./.
width side door mm ./.
width side door ft ./.
height side door mm ./.
height side door ft ./.
roof opening
height mm ./.
height ft ./.
width mm ./.
width ft ./.

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