China leads the world by making the fastest 10 storey building in 28 hours 45 minutes

China has shown the world how a functioning multi-storey building is made in over a day. It has broken all the records by building the fully-functioning 10 storey building in just 28 hours 45 minutes by using steel containers. The Broad Group, an enterprise of Changsha, China constructed the building by using bolt-together modular units, popularly known as “Living Building System.”

The building of homes which was a long process and required months or years to build is now an easy task with container home solutions. The developers used prefabrication construction systems technology to make homes that had been built pre-built in the factories. The containers were transported through intermodal transportation like trucks. They were then placed on one another by fastening the bolts of the units. After getting ready they were fixed with water and electric supply mechanisms. The building units had identical sizes like shipping containers dimensions that when folded could be stacked easily on one another without breaking the monotony of the building.

Like shipping units, the modular units are easy to move and get installed smoothly without a glitch. The company has innovatively used the “Live Building system” and infused it in standard shipping containers. The steel slabs that were used in the construction were 100 times lighter than the conventional ones. The Broad groups are famous for achieving the target in a quicker time than other ones. Another endeavor was registered in 2015 when they speed-built the 57 storey building in only 19 days by using the same “Live Building System.”

The shipping containers have been innovatively used as shipping container homes as they are strong, durable, resilient, and can work efficiently for longer durations. They can easily withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, hail, storm, thus providing security to the home belongings. Other than providing security from natural elements, it provides security from unwanted humans, burglars, thieves, etc. They are fitted with state-of-the-art container locks that make them impenetrable and you don’t have to worry when you have to go out.

There are many container homes that have been furnished till now like the ones given below:

  • WFH is made in Wuxi, China by remodeling a 40ft high cube container. The container house efficiently stores rainwater and comes with a green roof.
  • The other container house is the Grillah river house of Cavan, Ireland made of four 40ft shipping container built-in natural landscapes to give the dweller the freedom of escaping from the city chaos.
  • HO4+, the modular home, famous in Canon City, Colorado, can be ported easily from one place to another. They are shaped to give a feeling of the luxurious house by being installed with two floors that comprise living space, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and dining room.
  • Cross Box house of Pont-Pean, France is another innovative steel box home that looks different and stylish. It gets the different design as the shipping boxes are kept in a cross-like structure by titling one shipping unit on the other. The container is the center of attraction in the state due to its quirky style.
  • Container guesthouses are immensely famous in Texas and provide the best container home solutions. It is an environment-friendly solution for homes and is made by modifying steel boxes, repurposed bamboo, and other such objects.
  • The Caterpillar house of Santiago, Chile is made by using 12 modular shipping containers. The home is designed to give the viewers the natural feel of the Andes Mountains. They are well ventilated and give an amazing view of the mountains.
  • Colorado container homes are the famous container houses of Nederland, Colorado which are made on an existing rock outcropping in Colorado. It is solely not a container house but the central part of it is made of the box only.

Other than homes, they are efficiently being used in different other ways, like:

  • As emergency hospitals in places where there is no availability of the hospital. The portable shipping container can easily be converted into hospitals as they are easily movable and need less maintenance.
  • The shipping container can be used as public toilets in the places where the brick and mortar toilets cannot be built. They are easily installable and when it comes to maintenance, they need less manpower.
  • They are also being used as cafes, restaurants. By removing the front wall, and fitting it with a glass door, they attract the visitors and make a comfortable sitting space.
  • The boxes are also being used as swimming pools as they can easily be converted and provide less expensive solutions.

Hence, we see that other than transporting goods to distant and local places, the shipping container can perfectly be built into shipping container homes and also provide other container solutions as well. The container home builders like that of China are making the dream of finishing home in fewer times come true. They are helping people live and realize their dreams without much effort. And all this is possible only because of our beloved containers that are becoming a quintessential part of our lives.