Buy 53ft intermodal containers

Traders demanding to ship enormous amounts of goods or high-volume cargo can buy 53ft intermodal containers. Since different businesses require different types of containers, 53ft high cube containers fulfil the requirements of transporting heavy, high-volume cargo over long distances. The 53ft containers are an excellent choice to minimise the cost of buying multiple shipping containers since they can accommodate large shipments from one or more shippers. They are durable and versatile as consumers can convert them commercially. Consumers can either buy or lease containers depending on the duration they need them and their budget. Let us go through the benefits of buying shipping containers.

What are 53ft intermodal containers?

The logistics industry deals in massive amounts of shipping containers annually. These containers are used for storing and transporting cargo nationally and internationally. Different types of containers are manufactured in various sizes to suit diverse cargo requirements. One of them is the 53ft shipping container that allows customers to not only store and ship goods but is also convertible and capable of being transformed for economic purposes. With an external height of 6’9″, width of 8′ 6″ and volume of 3,884 cu ft, these high cube containers assist in transporting high-volume cargo. Due to their extra large size, companies can load multiple large shipments and transport them in one go. The 53 ft containers are fit for intermodal transportation via various modes of transport such as roads, rails, sea and air. Consumers from across the globe are increasingly showing interest and investing in these flexible and versatile containers.

Benefits of buying 53ft shipping containers

Stakeholders and consumers involved in the trade business transport tons of goods daily, so they must secure a fleet of shipping containers. In such cases, buying shipping containers is a feasible option.

  1. If traders are involved in a particular business that engages in large cargo transportation and requires shipping containers for long-term usage, buying 53ft intermodal containers is a cost-effective solution.
  2. Shipping companies allow container buyback policies; therefore, customers can sell the used 53ft containers to the company after using them for a period.
  3. The 53ft shipping containers can be customised and converted for commercial purposes to extract the maximum use out of it.
  4. Consumers can also buy used 53ft shipping containers as inventories or warehouses.
  5. 53ft containers come in different types like a flat rack, reefer, isolated and double door containers. Depending on the cargo requirements, consumers may choose from the range of 53ft containers.

Benefits of leasing 53ft shipping containers

Leasing or renting is an efficient way of owning shipping containers. Traders primarily lease cargo containers if their business needs keep varying. A few benefits of renting 53 ft shipping containers are –

  1. Leasing 53ft shipping containers is a feasible and budget-friendly solution for owning containers for a shorter or uncertain period.
  2. Shipping companies offer a range of 53ft container leasing agreements based on the business needs. It makes the renting process even more accessible.
  3. Whenever the shipping needs change, customers can lease a different type of 53ft container and utilise it.
  4. Sometimes the shipment may encounter significant delays, which may cross the leasing tenure. In such cases, the lease can be extended if needed, making leasing 53ft shipping containers a flexible option for transporting cargo internationally.
  5. The 53ft shipping containers can be transformed into temporary commercial spaces such as cafes, offices, and gyms.

Many shipping businesses use 53ft shipping containers to convey goods across the United States by rail and sea, a common practice in transportation. Two of the busiest ports in the nation that handle a lot of shipping containers each year are the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in California. Since 53ft containers are popular in the market, LOTUS Containers allow consumers to buy 53ft intermodal containers in the USA.

53ft intermodal containers are usually made of steel and built to be sturdy, long-lasting, and weather-resistant. They can be stacked on top of one another to save space, and they are frequently used in intermodal transportation, which involves moving products using several modes of transportation, such as rail, truck, and ship.

53ft shipping containers are the precursors of international and transcontinental trade. Shippers can easily buy 53ft intermodal containers at affordable prices to harvest the multiple benefits of the high cube container.

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