Steel shipping container vs metal sheds: Which one to choose?

Have you ever noticed how simple and solid the shipping containers look?

How are the containers designed to withstand all different seasons? The revolution of freight units has paved the way for different designs for shipping containers which can withstand high to low temperatures and handle extreme conditions. The shipping containers have held value in the supply chain industry for more than 50 years. They are the primary source of goods transportation, be it a small chips packet to heavy automobiles. With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, various ports have witnessed high demand for supply through marine ways. Based on the standards and durables, we now have to choose between steel shipping containers and metal sheds.

What are shipping containers?

Various components aid in the longevity of the steel shipping containers through which we can ensure the safety of the products.

These include corner casting posts, vents, cargo doors, headers, forklift pockets, security seals, twist locks etc.

Steel shipping container advantages and disadvantages


Safety and Security Travelling thousands of miles requires strong security and safety for the containers. Though cargo damages are unavoidable, they can be secured with extra strength and heavy-duty steel. Steel containers provide a plethora of space that can store a lot of material. Steel shipping containers can hold various items for as long as you need. It can be furniture, documents or fashion accessories too.

The most potent locking mechanism can ensure that precious goods are protected. Different locks are installed to secure the items present inside the cargo.


The steel shipping containers can go for about 20 years without extra care. They are the most durable since they don’t require high maintenance. While they can stand for long, insulating a steel shipping container is always advisable.

When it comes to the durability, one can trust their ability to stand against harsh conditions. One can be sure to trust the fireproof, waterproof steel shipping containers.

Management ease

Steel containers of all the containers are easy to manage as they come in all sizes that can accommodate maximum items. Moreover, the small steel containers come with abundant choices like insulated, airtight metal, refrigerated and even military-grade.

But what about rust? Metals have the property of rusting. So to protect them from rusting, they are developed with a kind of steel called weathering. They have self-healing properties. It is corrosion resistant and gives tensile strength.


Sometimes, we require small size containers for shipping smaller portions of goods. But most of the time, the shipping industry prefers bulk transportation which saves a lot of money for them. But, what if more miniature goods are available? That’s when we use customizable steel shipping containers. Shipping containers made of steel come in different sizes, from 20 ft to 40 ft.

Transport Ease

Shipping containers are so versatile that they are designed to meet international standards. They can be moved around seamlessly on different vehicles. Transportation theft can be avoided as they are secured with sturdy locking mechanisms.

Steel shipping containers are the most convenient form of delivery. Moreover, we can be assured to expect quicker deliveries with the intermodal container services.


Infrastructure Costs

After the pandemic, the export and import business has boomed to the next level. With many goods in demand in the market, cargo ships are becoming costly day by day. With the newly secured locking management system, shipping containers are more and more expensive. Most the shipping containers are expensive due to the following factors:

  • Age of the cargo
  • Cost of delivery
  • Size of the container
  • Permitting fees
  • Size of the shipping cargo


More than 90% of the business occurs through shipping containers. They move by being in accordance with the law or following the norms. But they also smuggle dangerous stuff like drugs, weapons and even humans. As steel shipping containers are hard to break and can be secured more efficiently, it becomes difficult to track illegal activities. The port management takes various measures to reduce illicit drug trafficking and other black marketing activities. Better coordination among the dealers will sort this matter out, allowing lawful shipping of goods and materials.

Space Constraints

After the COVID- 19 lockdown, we have observed a shortage of shipping containers. It becomes difficult to run the business as it was before the lockdown with the limited employees. Lockdown imposed various measures like fewer employees, reduced speedy delivery etc.

Since various industries halted their work, it became problematic to manage portal issues. The burden on single ports increased, causing late deliveries and sometimes even no deliveries.

Most of the economic activities started slackening to a massive extent causing an imbalance in the business. The steel shipping industry also slowed down as they have space constraints.

Repositioning of Empty Containers

The shipping industry faces tremendous losses due to the massive pandemic. Even now, we face a lot of trouble with repositioning the empty steel containers.

Containers are of various kinds. When we decide to invest in a container, we always look for its condition and durability. Often we ignore the older containers. These containers are leftovers from the manufacturing industries or other places replaced by new ones.

This marks a low identification for them. This causes the extra accumulation of heavy steel shipping containers. Due to heavy travelling restrictions in the pandemic, the possibility of profitable business has decreased drastically.

Significant reasons for repositioning empty containers are:

  1. Relocation time: The shipping business demands actions to happen beforehand. Suppose there is a demand for goods before the new year’s eve, then the steel shipping containers need to be available a month before that. This leads to piling up of extra empty containers making the port look messy and full.
  2. Imbalance in the trade
  3. Unreliable commercial forecasting: Sometimes, people in the forecasting business over forecast a season or weather condition, which leads to confusion about whether the ships will move. This commercial forecast planning leads to loss of business.

What are metal sheds?

When storage capacity is low and becomes a problem, metal sheds are the go-to option. Metal sheds have been used recently after comparing various other options. They can be placed and arranged anywhere to store that extra material that always disrupts the divine aesthetics of a place. When deciding which shed would be better and cheaper, people often opt for the metal sheds as they can be manually assembled with creative ideas to make them look beautiful. Metal sheds create that extra space for old but valuable items.


Great value for money

While investing in anything, we need to make a detailed analysis of whether the products we are buying will last long or not. With the metal shed, it is pretty clear that they are the best choice for storing maximum goods as they come in affordable prices. They are the cheapest in the market. They are easier to build on short notice too. Compared to the wooden sheds, they are eco-friendly as most of them are recyclable sheds and don’t require much maintenance.

Small metal sheds are easy to move.

Be it a small garden space or one car garage space; small metal sheds are always there for the rescue. Now you don’t have to panic and buy big metal sheds for storing just a bunch of items. You can invest in smaller sheds which come in 20ft size too.

Storage can also come in metal sheds with a floor. Even in a smaller space, layering can be added and removed to one’s choice. Due to their small size, they can be moved or dragged easily without the support of any extra equipment or machinery. Along with the ease of movement, they are recyclable and can be used for any other purpose.


Be it a small garden space or one car garage space, small metal sheds are always there for the rescue. Now you don’t have to panic and buy big metal sheds for storing just a bunch of items. Instead, you can invest in smaller sheds that come in 20ft size.

Storage can also come in metal sheds with a floor. Even in a smaller space, layering can be added and removed to one’s choice. Due to their small size, they can be moved or dragged easily without the support of any extra equipment or machinery. They are recyclable and can be used for any other purpose and ease of movement.


If we compare the wooden sheds or any other shed with the metal shed, we can ensure metals’ long-lasting property. For example, metals don’t catch fire like woods do, adding extra life to metal sheds.

Is wood or metal better for a shed? The answer will be metal. As they are more sturdy and secure, they guarantee the safety of the valuables inside them. Metal sheds are excellent even though they are lighter in weight. It can resist fire and can stand for decades.

Assembling ease

There is no foundation required at all for the metal sheds. They can be easily assembled on a personal basis. One needs the flat and dry space to arrange the metal sheds.


Rust and Corrosion

Metals were exposed to oxygen corrode and tend to rust with time. If the metal quality is poor, there are higher chances that the metal will disintegrate faster. This is where reliable suppliers come into the picture. When buying the metal shed, make sure it is under warranty and corrosion-free.

Difficult modification

When buying a house, we always add value and sometimes redesign the interiors or modify some parts. Wooden sheds like our homes can be changed easily.

Metals are not easily handled by hammer and nail. It requires expertise and tools that can modify the infrastructure. It forces the users to stick to one design that can be daunting for more than five years. For a fresh look with the ease of modification is a straight no for metal sheds.


Even though metal sheds are cheap and movable, it is challenging to change how it looks. It seems like a metal store, which destroys the overall aesthetics of that place. Wooden sheds promise some creativity with flower decor and many more different looks. Metal sheds can be painted with different colours to balance out.


We have compared both steel containers Vs metal sheds which have their advantages and disadvantages. The decision is yours to invest in according to your requirement. LOTUS containers can help you better organise your thoughts with their world-class container services. With LOTUS containers, one can easily trust the container they opt for, which has never been so convenient.

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