LOTUS Containers is expanding through America

Dear valued customers and business partners,

We are increasing our geographical scope to fulfill your needs. We welcome Mr. Marcus Rocha on our team as Managing Director for Central and North America.

Best regards,

LOTUS Containers Group

Mr. Marcus Rocha
Managing Director, Central and North America LOTUS Containers Inc. since August 13th, 2018

We are excited to have won Mr. Marcus Rocha for our company. With a background of around 30 years in the logistic industry and sales field, Marcus has exceptional results by capturing new markets, developing new businesses, successfully implementing commercial strategies and structuring lean operation processes all across America. His solid experience working for container leasing, liners and other logistic operators and his academic background evince that he is well prepared to lead our company to the next level.

We are eager to see the future that awaits LOTUS Containers Inc. in company with Marcus.

LOTUS Containers wishes Marcus Rocha a warm welcome.

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