53' Container

Offering 60-40% more capacity than their counterparts, 53' containers allows you to ship more goods and also provides cost-benefit in terms of per-unit shipment cost. These are new age large Intermodal containers that can be moved through different modes of transportation without having to load or unload them. Use LOTUS Containers 53' container to save time by eliminating the need to re-pack the cargos as per different modes of transportation, thereby reducing the delays and chances of cargo damage.
  • opens at the rear and has two leaf doors
  • suitable for intermodal transport and storage
  • primarily used to transport general cargo and most suitable for unit loads
  • often referred to as general purpose as they are able to carry most goods
  • specifically designed for light and bulky cargo
  • approximately 3,93 inches higher than a standard High Cube (HC) container
inside dimensions
length mm 16006
length ft 52' - 6 3/16"
width mm 2526
width ft 8' - 3 7/16"
height mm 2781
height ft 9' - 1 1/2"
capacity cbm 112.4
capacity cbft 3970
tare kg 4650
tare pd 10250
max. payload kg 27850
max. payload pd 61400
max. gross kg 32500
max. gross pd 71650
ISO size type
ISO size group
outside dimensions
length mm 16154
length ft 53'
width mm 2600
width ft 8' - 6 3/8"
height mm 2908
height ft 9' - 6 1/2"
door opening
width mm
width ft
height mm
height ft
width side door mm
width side door ft
height side door mm
height side door ft
roof opening
height mm
height ft
width mm
width ft

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