Pallet Wide Containers: Size, Dimensions, and other Specifications Explained

Pallet Wide Containers are unique metal shipping containers that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of shippers and business people that cannot be fulfilled by other standard boxes. They are the type of container that provides ease and comfort of extra space to the people.

Cargo containers have been helping people for decades by transporting all types of merchandise in them. The things that we use daily in our lives have been transported by them. But when it comes to recognizing them most people don’t know their real value. They are used for transporting goods, for intermodal transportation to reach even the remotest places, for storage of goods, and used as shipping container homes and other building infrastructures like restaurants, hospitals, swimming pools, public toilets, etc.

Different types of freight containers are needed to fulfill the needs of the shippers. They have been listed downwards.

1. Dry Van
2. Pallet Wide
3. Double Door
4. Side Door
5. Open Top
6. Hard Roof Open Top
7. Flat Rack
8. Platform
9. Insulated
10. Reefer
11. Bulkers
12. Tanks

Before going deep into the pallet wide, let’s talk about pallets.

What are pallets?

Pallets are flat wooden transport structures that provide convenient transportation of goods by being lifted by forklifts. The different pallet sizes that are available are:

Euro Pallets: 40”x47”
American Pallets: 40”x48”
Australian Pallets: 46”x46”

Now let’s move to pallet wide containers.

What are pallet-wide containers?

Pallet wide containers are specially designed to carry European pallets. They are sturdy, reliant, water and weather-resistant, secure, and robust. They are made from highly corrugated steel and the floor is fitted with wooden planks to give durability and maintain friction coefficient. The European pallet wide is designed to carry more pallets in comparison to other pallet wide containers. A 40ft pallet wide container can accommodate 30 pallets that are 5 pallets more than standard cargo containers as they can accommodate only 25 pallets.

What is the use of pallet wide containers?

Pallet wide containers are more versatile than other standard freight containers. The pallet wide containers designed for Euro pallets are known for their extra-wide space and they can carry a huge number of cargoes if not transporting pallets. To get rid of any movement and avoid friction between pallets, they are tightly tied. This helps in mitigating any accident that may happen if the pallets are not tied tightly together and can result in accidents. They help in the easy and safe transportation of goods as they provide an extra layer of security with pallets. With pallet wide containers, the shippers can lessen the dispatch time and product packaging cost as with pallet wide containers comes security. And with their tight security, there is no such need of packaging the goods with extra layers, thus, saving packaging costs. And when they don’t need extra packaging they don’t need extra time to pack and secure them in the shipping box. Thus they are efficiently used for the safe transportation of goods all over the world.

What are the different dimensions of Pallet Wide Containers?

The maritime container comes in different sizes of 20ft pallet wide, 40ft pallet wide, 40ft high cube pallet wide, and 45ft high cube pallet wide for better transportation and storage solutions. So, the approximate data of the dimensions are given below.

20ft Pallet wide

Internal dimension 19’4 x 7’11 x 7’10
External dimension 19’10 x 8’ x 8’6”
Door Opening 7’8 x 7’6
Max gross weight 67200 pounds

40ft pallet wide

Internal dimension 39’5 x 7’11” x 7’10
External dimension 40’ x 8’ x 8’6”
Door Opening 7’8 x 7’6
Max gross weight 67200 pounds

40ft Pallet Wide high cube container

Internal dimension 39’5 x 7’11” x 8’10
External dimension 40’ x 8’ x 9’6”
Door Opening 7’8 x 8’5
Max gross weight 71650 pounds

45ft pallet wide high cube container

Internal dimension 44’5 x 7’11” x 8’10
External dimension 45’ x 8’ x 9’6”
Door Opening 7’8 x 8’5
Max gross weight 74960 pounds

What are the benefits of pallet wide containers?

The benefits of pallet wide containers are immense as they provide extra safety. Let’s look at other benefits of them:

  • They help in the timely delivery of goods as they take away the stress of packaging goods. When the loader doesn’t have to spend all their time packaging the cargoes, they can easily send all the cargo steel containers on time.
  • Same as timely delivery, the cost of packaging the cargo is also lessened. As the metal containers provide extra security the cargoes need not be heavily packed, thus saving the huge cost.
  • The pallet wide containers provide security to the cargo by adding a layer of pallets. Being tied with pallets, the merchandise doesn’t move and thus, no damage.
  • The slippage of goods is a huge problem during cargo transportation, but with pallet wide containers, the stress is reduced to zero as pallets provide stability.

Points to remember while loading cargo in pallet wide container

  • The most important thing to remember while loading the cargo is to tie all the pallets tightly with each other as without tying, the pallets will get loose and the freight may get damaged during the transport.
  • The pallets should be stowed carefully with the help of forklifts as a small carelessness may hurt you and hamper your work.

Thus, we see that pallet wide containers are one of the most utilitarian shipping and storage containers. They are efficiently used worldwide by shippers and businessmen and help them in scaling their businesses. They provide safe stowage of cargoes without any hindrance in lesser time without any damage.

One can buy pallet wide containers or other types of containers like open-top, reefer, platform, and others from shipping container companies. They provide pallet wide containers for sale and if you are also looking for one such supplier then contact LOTUS Containers, as we provide one of the most versatile, worthwhile steel containers in abundance.

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