20' Bulker

This container type carries bulk goods such as malt and coffee beans. It can be loaded via openings in the roof and discharged using hatches in the doors and front panels.
  • specifically used to carry dry bulk cargo such as malt, coffee and fertilizer
  • fitted with loading hatches in the roof and discharge hatches usually in the lower door or front wall
  • if necessary, Standard Containers can be used as Bulk Containers by fitting them with inlets or liner bags
inside dimensions
length mm 5895
length ft 19' 4 1/8''
width mm 2350
width ft 7' 8 1/2''
height mm 2366
height ft 7' 9 1/8"
capacity cbm 32,8
capacity cbft 1160
tare kg 2250
tare pd 4960
max. payload kg 28230
max. payload pd 62240
max. gross kg 30480
max. gross pd 67200
ISO size type 22B0
ISO size group 22BU
outside dimensions
length mm 6058
length ft 19' 10 1/2"
width mm 2438
width ft 8'
height mm 2591
height ft 8' 6"
door opening
width mm 2340
width ft 7' 8 1/8''
height mm 2280
height ft 7' 5 3/4''
width side door mm ./.
width side door ft ./.
height side door mm ./.
height side door ft ./.
roof opening
height mm ./.
height ft ./.
width mm ./.
width ft ./.

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