40' Insulated

This container type has been developed for the transport of foodstuffs, can maintain temperature for longer periods.
  • used for temperature-sensitive goods
  • insulated panels, roof and doors
  • does not have a built in refrigeration unit
  • can not heat or cool themselves but retain the temperature of the cargo for a specific length of time
inside dimensions
length mm11958
length ft39' 2 25/32"
width mm2254
width ft7' 6 15/64"
height mm2278
height ft7' 5 43/64"
capacity cbm61,4
capacity cbft2169
tare kg3800
tare pd8118
max. payload kg26680
max. payload pd59082
max. gross kg30480
max. gross pd67200
ISO size type42H5
ISO size group42HI
outside dimensions
length mm12192
length ft40'
width mm2438
width ft8'
height mm2591
height ft8' 6"
door opening
width mm2292
width ft7' 6 15/64"
height mm2265
height ft7' 5 11/64"
width side door mm./.
width side door ft./.
height side door mm./.
height side door ft./.
roof opening
height mm./.
height ft./.
width mm./.
width ft./.

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