40' High Cube Dry Van

This is the most versatile of all container types and can be used for the storage and transport of a wide range of goods.
  • opens at the rear and has two leaf doors
  • suitable for transport and storage
  • primarily used to transport general cargo and most suitable for unit loads
  • often referred to as general purpose as they are able to carry most goods
  • approximately 30 cm higher than normal Dry Van Containers
  • specifically designed for light and bulky cargo
  • attention must be paid to any height restrictions such as bridge and tunnel height when using road or rail
  • may require the need to use a special chassis or wagon
inside dimensions
length mm 12024
length ft 39' 5 3/8''
width mm 2350
width ft 7' 8 1/2''
height mm 2697
height ft 8' 10 1/8''
capacity cbm 76,3
capacity cbft 2694
tare kg 4020
tare pd 8860
max. payload kg 26460
max. payload pd 58340
max. gross kg 30480
max. gross pd 67200
ISO size type 45G1
ISO size group 45GP
outside dimensions
length mm 12192
length ft 40'
width mm 2438
width ft 8'
height mm 2896
height ft 9' 6"
door opening
width mm 2340
width ft 7' 8 1/8''
height mm 2585
height ft 8' 5 3/4"
width side door mm ./.
width side door ft ./.
height side door mm ./.
height side door ft ./.
roof opening
height mm ./.
height ft ./.
width mm ./.
width ft ./.

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