Side Door Container: Size, Dimension, and other Specifications Explained

Side door container is one among the different types of containers that provide the facility of loading the merchandise from the sides. It bestows viable and systematic solutions for keeping goods. We will look about it in detail-

Containers have been around us, helping us, simplifying, and solving our problems by providing us the best storage and transport solutions. It would not be less to regard them as unsung heroes as they have always been around us but never been recognized for their true worth. The products that we are getting from the market or ordering online, comes packed and stacked in containers. Nowadays they have been artistically used as home modification solutions, other infrastructure solutions such as swimming pools, public toilets, emergency hospitals, kids’ zone, personal spaces, and many others.

Many businesses use boxes for storing heavy machinery, handheld tools, heavy cargo, and other such goods. When loading such cargo in other standard containers, it is difficult to load them from one side. This gave way to the emergence of side door containers that instantly solves the problem as they are fitted with side doors on both parallel sides. This gives the advantage of being fitted with two doors on both sides. In such containers, you can load heavy machinery or cargo efficiently. For smaller cargo, the smaller door can be used to provide ease of usage.

Before moving solely to side door, let’s give a look at the different container types. Clicking on any of them will take you to a virtual tour describing the specific container type in detail.

1. Dry Van
2. Pallet Wide
3. Double Door
4. Side Door
5. Open Top
6. Hard Roof Open Top
7. Flat Rack
8. Platform
9. Insulated
10. Reefer
11. Bulkers
12. Tanks

Why do you need Side Door Containers?

The name of side door containers suggests that what it means, what is its efficiency, and what benefit it may provide. The side door containers that are fitted with the gates on both parallel ends. The doors can be customized to make them fully or partially opened to cater to the needs of the shipper. This shipping box may offer more practical solutions than open-top containers, dry van containers, or other such standard shipping containers. They allow the feasibility of putting cargo from both sides rather than opening from one end door only.

Design and Structure of Side Door Containers

The structure of the boxes is the same as other boxes. The shipping boxes are made of 14-gauge corrugated steel panels and fitted with a marine plywood floor. They are fitted with doors on both parallel sides that can be customized. The customization gives you the possibility of removing or keeping the doors. This alteration gives the added freedom of putting heavy machinery from the sides. The side doors can be tailor-made from steel or tarpaulin. The tarpaulin fitting gives freedom of easy removal and the load can be increased as tarpaulin provides flexibility. In the case of steel doors, they are fitted with rubber seals in the opening to make the door opening safe from moisture. The extra rubber seal helps in saving the cargo from any moisture. The altered doors provide sturdiness, durability, and stretch ability to the boxes.

Different Dimensions of Side Door Containers

The shipping containers come in various sizes of 20ft, 40ft, and 40ft high cube to solve the needs of the shippers. The approximate data of dimensions are given below.

20ft Side Door Containers

Internal dimension 19’3×7’8×7’9
Tare Weight 5950 lbs
Payload Capacity 61244 lbs
Cubic Capacity 1,165 ft3

40ft Side Door Containers

Internal dimension 39’5×7’8×7’9
Tare Weight 10,362 lbs
Payload Capacity 60,180 lbs
Cubic Capacity 2306 ft3

40ft High Cube Side Door Containers

Internal dimension 39’5×7’8×8’9
Tare Weight 11470 lbs
Payload Capacity 63,052 lbs
Cubic Capacity 2,694 ft3

Uses of Side Door Containers

The uses of side door container are diverse as they come with added benefits.

  • They provide the most efficient feature for storing more goods that cannot be loaded easily in standard boxes as they provide ease of access. They offer the best storage solutions for keeping heavy and large machinery.
  • The added benefit of the parallel door helps in better transportations of goods also. Due to ease of accessibility and functionality, they offer better transportation solutions.
  • They can easily be converted into homes, offices, classrooms, cafe, or any other architectural form as they can easily be shaped into other structures. The reason behind this added benefit is that it is easy to remove the side doors so you can use them according to your need. In the future, they can be easily expanded for other operations.
  • They are widely used in festivals and carnivals as they allow easier functioning and storing of goods. And they also allow ease of movement that helps in easy gathering of people. They can be fitted with glass doors or roller doors to aesthetically please the customers.

Benefits of Side Door Containers

Side door containers offer versatile benefits.

  • It is easy to load and unload goods in these boxes. The accessible side door provides you with diverse options for loading and unloading cargos as they can easily be opened and provide a large opening. The pallet loading or unloading can be efficiently carried on in such boxes as they offer better access to forklifts or trucks. The forklifts or trucks can drive in, put the goods or remove the goods without any extra effort.
  • Their wide entrance allows the large machinery to easily move around or put in. The unusual large items that cannot be stored in other boxes can be deftly put in the side door ones. They can easily turn into storage spaces for businesses as they allow easy movement of the merchandise.
  • Unlike regular standard containers that have a door on one end or both ends, they are fitted with doors on both sides. And this makes it easy for loaders to access the items that are kept in middle. In other containers, the middle item cannot be moved, till all the other items are removed. But with side doors, the shipper won’t ever have to go through this problem.
  • They can easily be modified into multiple cafes, shops, or offices as they have a wide opening. By modifying them in compartments, one can use them for multipurpose.

Side door container is a better version of general containers and provides better access and functionality. Added parallel doors on sides give them super accessibility. They also offer many advantages that go way beyond shipping. Many container suppliers provide new or used containers.

So, whether you are looking to buy cargo containers in the USA or anywhere in the world, LOTUS Containers is the one that provides the best answer. With our global presence, we offer different container types to cater to your needs. You can buy new ones or can get them for a one-way lease when thinking of leasing containers. Our One-Way-Lease is the best solution when you are thinking of getting boxes on lease. And our specialized SOC containers help in saving huge detention charges.

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