Our Containers not just contain your Goods but Happiness as well!

“People always say that this is a small world” but underneath this saying there lies the subtle realization of how is this World really small? Did you just say– INTERNET? If yes, then how about checking the fact that how old has it been? Not even 40 years as of yet!!! Yes, it is that nascent. So what it is that makes this world so much inter-connected? So much accessible? So much within the reach?

The word is TRANSPORTATION and what makes this even more feasible is Containers. Now you may think this is no Rocket Science, unlike the James Cameron stuff. Well, you may be right but then the joy lies in the intricacies of realizing something you do almost daily but hasn’t thought about. Something that just passes by as if it is meant to be that way but we miss realizing how fundamental Transportation is to us. Right from the moment we begin our day by getting out of the Bed to the time we return back at night – all the stuff that we use be it Toothbrush we use for the dental hygiene to Taps in our washroom, right from the Cornflakes on the dining table to the refrigerator we store our food in, right from the TV, Mobiles and PDAs we watch the News On, to the vehicle we use throughout the day – All this inevitable stuff is being transported from one corner of the world to the another which makes our lives so easy, beautiful and enriching. We at LOTUS Containers are blessed to be at Centre of all of this.

Shipping containers are used to ferry these goods via Railways, Ships and in various forms and sizes depending upon the type and purpose of goods to be transported. Drayage is one of the distinguished services offered by us whether be it the first mile shipping of the container from the manufacturer to the rail yard, port to port or to the last mile shipping of storage container from rail yard to the end user, trucking of the containerized cargo is something that we have mastered over the period of time.

We serve from the Land of the Rising Sun in the Far East to the Land of Dreams in the shining West, we work 24*7 to keep you connected and make this world more accessible. Quality is our everyday habit and not just part of our practice, every day our employees strive for the best in whatever they do to ensure we stand firm to our commitment.

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