Looking to Buy New and Used Refrigerated Containers

The refrigerated container is the one that is specifically designed to store and transport perishable cargo type that needs refrigeration to maintain a certain temperature. Earlier it was impossible to transport such items that perish in very few days. But a reefer container has made it possible to transport and store them by keeping them totally safe during the whole transfer. People always get confused before buying maritime containers. To eradicate any such confusion, LOTUS Containers provide the best new and used refrigerated containers that are in prime shape and in the best working condition. Other than reefer, we provide different other types of shipping containers to help the businesses grow.

We have come with a list of things that one must remember when thinking about buying a refrigerated container.

Before knowing that, let’s just take a glimpse at cargo containers.

What is a cargo container?

A maritime cargo container is a corrugated steel box that is specially designed to store and transport the cargo safely. They have hinged doors that can be secured with container locks to avoid any unwanted humans or stray animals. The floor of the shipping box is wooden ply that avoids friction and saves the goods from damage.

Moving ahead let’s see about the refrigerated container.

What is a refrigerated container?

A refrigerated container is a shipping box that can store or carry perishable goods safely. They are fitted with a refrigeration unit to maintain a certain temperature. They can maintain the temperature from -25 to 30 degrees Celsius. Thus, they keep the food items, seafood, flowers, dairy products, pharmaceutical products, and others fresh and safe. They come in different types and dimensions to help the loaders load their goods accordingly. The reefers are available in dimensions of 20ft and 40ft high cube.

Now let’s move to the points that you must ensure before purchasing a refrigerated container.

What are the key points to remember before purchasing reefer?

Container Size

The refrigerated container dimension and size play the main role in choosing it. As if you want a 20ft refrigerated shipping container and you to buy a 40ft high cube reefer then you will have more than needed space. And your money will go to waste. But if you have more goods to load, and you get a small box then also your items will go to waste. As they are perishable either you have to store them in the concerned box or they will go to drain. In both of the scenarios, you will have to buy new refrigerated containers keeping the scenarios in mind.

The Temperature Range

It is very essential to keep the temperature range in mind. As many suppliers provide boxes in different temperature ranges, it is necessary to keep them in mind to choose the best range. The cargo units with good range will be safeguarding the products more than the normal ones. Some of the container providers provide boxes that start from -30 to +30 degrees Celsius or -35 to 30. At LOTUS Containers, we provide the boxes at the best range available that is -25 to +30 degrees Celsius.

The Price

How much does a refrigerated container cost? This is a question sought by many. To answer this, we must tell you that container cost depends on the size and dimension. If the reefer is 20ft then it may be less pricey than a 40ft high cube container.

We will see the dimensions of the reefers.


Internal dimension 17’10” x 7’6” x 7’5”
External dimension 19’10” x 8’ x 8’6”
Door Opening 7’6” x 7’4”
Max gross weight 67200 pounds

40ft High Cube

Internal dimension 38’2” x 7’6” x 8’2”
External dimension 40’ x 8’ x 9’6”
Door Opening 7’6” x 8’3”
Max gross weight 67200 pounds

There is a major difference in the dimensions of both of them. Thus, the price increases as the size increases. Also, different container types will come in different price ranges. So, choose as per your need.

The Container Type

There are many different types of refrigerated containers. Like closed reefer, controlled atmosphere reefer, and automatic fresh air management reefer. They all are used for different purposes. Like the closed reefer has all-electric heating and cooling units. The controlled atmosphere reefer has an air exchange system. They keep the atmosphere constant by replacing the consumed oxygen. The automatic fresh air management reefer automatically adjusts the air in the cargo unit.

The Usage

If you are to purchase a new refrigerated container, then definitely you can use it for long years without any issue. But if you have a low budget and you get the used refrigerated container for sale, then also don’t worry as it also works smoothly for some certain time period.

Point to remember

  • Many a time, consumers confuse them with the insulated container. As they think that both are the same. But there is a huge difference in the. Whereas the reefer unit controls the temperature, the insulated ones just maintain the temperature inside them. The insulated units provide protection from exterior conditions to the goods inside them.
  • One should also remember that the reefers don’t have the capacity to lower the temperature. It is a pre-cooled box that has the power to maintain the temperature.

When you are going to get the refrigerated container then you should also know about their benefits.

What are the benefits of a reefer container?

The reefers have many perks. Let’s go through them one by one.

  • They are self-contained refrigerated units so the shipper doesn’t have to look for cold storage instantly.
  • Refrigerated intermodal containers come with gen-sets so they can travel on any intermodal transportation method whether it’s road, sea, or air.
  • One can keep different goods meant for chilling and refrigerating. As you can easily compartmentalize them into different departments by maintaining different temperatures.
  • The reefers have the capacity to increase the shelf life of merchandise by continuous cool air circulation.

Thus, we see that refrigerated containers are a boon for the ones who need to store or transport cargo that needs certain temperatures. By maintaining temperature, they increase the shelf life of the merchandise.

If you are also the one in dire need of refrigerated containers, then contact LOTUS Containers, as we provide 20ft refrigerated containers for sale in Germany and other parts of the world. We also offer 40ft high cube reefer, flat rack container, and other different types of shipping containers to provide you with the best container services.

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