What is a container tracking system & how can it help your business?

Complete Guide to Container Tracking Systems

The shipping industry has been going through many changes in recent years, along with changes in consumer expectations. Customers expect quick deliveries; thus, time management is crucial in the freight forwarding industry. Shipping owners find container tracking systems highly relevant for leveraging the visibility of the supply chain, no matter the size of their operations. You may use the information gathered to track your progress and increase business accuracy. This blog explains how tracking shipping containers can tremendously benefit your shipping business.

What is a Container Tracking System?

Businesses are constantly striving to exploit the latest technology to improve their operations and customer service. On-time delivery of shipments plays an essential role when we talk about the shipping industry. As a client, you want to be informed about the location of your shipment and the anticipated delivery date via touchpoints, such as the bill of lading, container number, etc. As the newest technology to identify containers through a tracking system, container tracking technologies have arisen in response to this worry.

A container tracking system provides real-time updates through an IoT-based tracking solution that gives a clear idea of the location of containers. These are equipped with battery-powered IoT devices or assets that help facilitate clear visibility to all the parties involved. With the combination of satellites, sensors, and a back-end system, the users can access the desired information and undertake necessary actions when required.

Many freight forwarding companies are efficiently using the latest software to address emergencies and reassure clients of the arrival of packages. The information offered by this tool may be utilised to defend against potential damage and losses and to minimise shipment delays caused by a lack of accurate and reliable information. This improves customer satisfaction and maintains a smooth supply chain flow.

Here are the Benefits of a Container Tracking System

Container tracking is a significant technological development in the operations and logistics cycle. Here are the key benefits of implementing a container tracking system.

1. Reliable Access to Real-time Data

Container tracking provides real-time shipment information assisting ship owners in managing their inventory. Valuable data regarding product movement increases security by ensuring that assets are not stolen or diverted.

2. Avoid Shipment Delays and Disruptions

Tracking shipping containers can significantly impact the movement of goods from one place to another. With all the valuable information available at the right time, you can ensure that your shipment is on time.

3. Better Cost-Savings for Maximized ROI

Your business can observe several types of cost savings with container tracking. You can reduce your shipping costs by planning routes optimally when you have all the required information. Real-time monitoring can empower you to make correct decisions instead of faulty assumptions.

If you think that container tracking is an expense, then think again. Treat this as an investment, as it has visibility, tracking, and tracing features at the right time and a branded customer portal that will allow you to eliminate lost inventory.

4. Provides Visibility Instantly

An increase in competition requires shipping businesses to improve the quality of customer service to survive in the long term. This system is one such door for you, giving an actual status of shipping containers with accurate information and pre-informed commitment times. One can quickly identify problems like shipment delays and thefts.

By monitoring every shipment step, you may also increase operational effectiveness by ensuring supply chains are visible.

5. Saves Time

Container tracking systems can benefit organizations by saving time wasted manually searching for each container. This is because the system can automatically track the information and update the involved parties. It is a user-friendly process in which you can consolidate information to different ports and save significant time. You will also get automatic alerts when the metal boxes arrive at the destination, and in that way, you can avoid shipment delays or future disruptions.

6. Improved Customer Service

Excellent customer service is a priority for businesses, and tracking containers can help you achieve customer expectations. When you have the correct information and are constantly getting updates, you can take proactive decisions to mitigate future vulnerabilities. Customers always expect better support services from you, and implementing a tracking system is one way to facilitate better customer service at a much more reasonable time.

7. Performance Analytics through Actionable Insights

Shipping container tracking shows data-driven approaches to your shipments. Since technology is employed, container tracking can record everything linked to your cargo and assist you in gaining deep insights into all the data. You can decide for your firm’s benefit after extensive research.

Tracking or monitoring your intermodal containers or ongoing shipments can be a little time-consuming, that’s why container tracking systems come into place when discussing efficient logistics. Tracking containers may be a game-changer and significantly influence your organization beyond your investment, provided you keep the industry trends in mind.

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