Meet us face-to-face with Zoom!

Dear valued customers,

Our website has a new feature that provides you with a customer video option. You will now be able to speak to us face-to-face instead of calling or writing emails.

The innovative conference solution from Zoom gives you a perfect video conferencing experience by desktop, smartphone or tablet. We look forward to zooming with you.

Best regards,

LOTUS Containers Group

How does it work?

1. Simply click on the zoom button present at the right end of our communication bar.
2. Select the preferred LOTUS Containers region you would like to zoom with and click the button "I want to zoom".
3. Please provide your name, email address, an optional text, and click "send".
4. Finally, just wait a moment and you will be contacted by email with a link to start zooming.

We are looking forward to zooming with you!