One-Way Leasing (OWL) Containers

LOTUS Containers is proud to be a leader in the container service industry, we have been fulfilling the intermodal needs of companies globally in the most customer-centric way possible with the commitment of being On-time & safe transportation. Our One-Way Leasing (OWL) or so-called Project Leasing (PL) services for your container requirements & the success of the same has been a testimony to our customer-centric practices.

At LOTUS Containers we understand your business & so have the industry-leading line of products & solutions to offer when it comes to your container requirements. One of our unique prepositions is One-Way/Project leasing & is our focus area for your local, regional & long-haul container transport requirement. We understand the customer’s requirement of transporting goods/material from point A to point B & once this transaction is done the customer doesn’t need to bother himself with the formalities of ensuring the movement of the container back to point A from the destination. A one-way/project lease can avoid the cost of empty transport of a container once freight is delivered.

At LOTUS Containers, we offer customers the opportunity to lease a container which can be picked up at one location and returned to another location, subject to LOTUS Containers’ terms and conditions. Both parties can benefit from the One-Way Lease, both in terms of streamlining operations and reducing cost. We have found a huge market for servicing the requests of freight forwarders and industrial clients particularly having logistics projects to fulfil. viz. transporting a machinery from A to B and saving Detention and Demurrage charge from Shipping Lines by using our SOC equipment in a One Way Lease & thus realizing high saving potentials.

There are a lot of renowned freight forwarders & Industrial companies that are using our unique SOC equipment &we have helped our clientele realize massive cost savings. If required, our expertise team of container transport service may also organize the intermodal transportation to your point of loading to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently with the following features & benefits:

  • Flexible durations
  • Flexible positioning by the customer
  • Predefined location for the return of the container
  • Saving in high Detention and Demurrage fees
  • No transportation costs back to ports (in comparison to COC/liner equipment). LOTUS Containers can accept returns at nearly any place
  • Suitable for the customer’s flexible and regional needs
  • It is an eco-friendly way of transporting your goods
  • Check your savings potential with our smart GO LOTUS® SOC/COC comparison calculator.
  • We offer One Way Lease solutions worldwide.

A variety of containers are available for the One Way Lease options to match every client’s expectation. Our team understands that each day comes with a new opportunity to serve your better & exceed your expectations. Hence, we are readily available to serve you with the attractive One-Way lease container offering services for your requirement. We plan to be your logistics partner & provide a seamless & hassle-free experience for your container requirements across the variety of containers with the flexibility of a One Way Leasing option.

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