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Dear valued business partner,

I am pleased to inform you that Mr. Jan Frahnert, Managing Director and COO of LOTUS Containers Group and Mr. Alexander von Trebra, Head of Sales of LOTUS Containers GmbH have become shareholders of SWIM Beteiligungs GmbH, the holding company of LOTUS Containers Group subsidiaries effective 31st January 2018.

The growth formulas of the past are losing importance. Game changer Jan Frahnert is in charge of digital transformation and special projects at LOTUS Containers. Under Jan Frahnert’s leadership we embrace the courage to abandon traditional ways that may no longer be viable and use the opportunities of new digital technologies to develop sustainable business models and processes.

Simultaneously, LOTUS Containers is driving forward a strong geographic expansion of the classic sales and service teams to continue to meet traditional customer needs at a high level. Alexander von Trebra is a man of tradition and will relocate overseas to head the companies sales endeavors.

I am proud to know both Jan Frahnert and Alexander von Trebra as partners and I will honor this partnership with my best efforts and due diligence. We share common visions and values, but also a growing friendship. A valuable combination!

We wish to convey our thanks for your support, your business is very valuable to us.

Yours sincerely, Willem-Alexander Dous

Managing Director / CEO LOTUS
Containers Group

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