High Cube Container: Size, Dimension, and other Specifications Explained

High Cube Container has changed the way people traded earlier. It has brought a revolution in the container trading arena.

Shipping containers have been around for many years helping people with their cargo and storage problems. Earlier it was difficult for shippers to send their cargo to distant places as they didn’t have the facility for shipping boxes but the invention by Malcolm McLean has changed the facet of how the shippers transported and stored their goods.

Today, you can use maritime containers for transporting and storing cargo, and for construction purposes as well. People are widely using them as home solutions, emergency hospitals, public toilets, kids’ zone, swimming pools, dine-ins, and in many other innovative ways. They are in extensive use for construction purposes because they are highly durable, provide wind and watertight quality. You can shape them into other structures by removing the sides of the boxes. For example, Double door containers are the boxes that are being used as makeshift tunnels as they are fitted with doors on both ends. By removing doors these give a perfect structure for tunnels. Likewise, high cube containers have their own advantages as they are extremely good for extra-heightened cargoes.

What is the high cube container?

High Cube container comes with an added height of 30cm. Though in appearance they may seem the same. When you look from front or back, their appearance seems like a cube; that is how they get their name. High-Cube, HC, or HQ are the other names that people know them with. HC has steel or aluminum body that gives them sturdiness.

HQs are suitable for transporting all types of dry merchandise and other perishable or non-perishable products. Due to their added height, they are best for carrying goods that cannot be shipped in standard boxes due to height restrictions. Open top HQ is the best for storing cargo that doesn’t fit in standard boxes as they provide extra space.

What is the design and structure of a high cube shipping container?

A high cube is constructed in the same way as other standard containers. These are made of high-quality corrugated steel so they provide durability to the freight containers. If you are thinking about what makes them different and how tall is a high cube container! Then, they are 30 cm higher than other standard containers. This extra 30cm gives extra room for you to load your box with more goods.

Given below is a list of the various kinds of cargo containers that are used widely. You can get detailed information on any of these just by clicking on the name of the type of containers you are interested in.

1. Dry Van
2. Pallet Wide
3. Double Door
4. Side Door
5. Open Top
6. Hard Roof Open Top
7. Flat Rack
8. Platform
9. Insulated
10. Reefer
11. Bulkers
12. Tanks

What are the dimensions of a high cube shipping container?

There are different high cube shipping container dimensions like 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft high cube containers to cater to the need for extra storage and heavy cargo.

20ft HQ

It is one of the most sought looking the ideal size of the shipping box. They are higher than standard 20ft shipping containers and come with an added height of 30cm. This extra 30cm gives the shippers a huge loading space to keep their cargo. They have a cubic capacity of 37.28 cubic meters.

Internal dimension 19’35” x 7’7” x 8’8”
External dimension 19’8” x 7’7” x 8’8”
Door Opening 7’6” x 8’4”

40ft HQ

40ft high cube container dimensions are different than 20ft ones as they are bigger than them but smaller than 45ft ones. They are ideal for storing huge merchandise, solving the less storage problem. People always think how many cbm fit in a 40hq container! The answer to this is 76.4 Cubic meters.

Internal dimension 39’47” x 7’7” x 8’8”
External dimension 40’ x 7’7” x 9’5”
Door Opening 7’6” x 8’4”

45ft HQ

A 45ft high cube gives the most adequate amount of space available to the shippers so that they can keep larger machinery, huge number and amount of goods, and whatnot. The cubic capacity of 45ft ones is the highest that is 86.0 Cubic meters.

Internal dimension 44’47” x 7’6” x 8’8”
External dimension 45’ x 7’7” x 9’5”
Door Opening 7’6” x 8’4”

What are the uses of High Cube?

• They are perfectly suited for the cargo that is heavy needs extra space, or of extra length, and can accommodate tall cargo as their roof is higher.
• Same as dry van containers, you can stack them up with all types of dry cargo. These are also known to provide the best storage solutions. Be it for shifting your home materials to large size machinery, they prove to be immensely useful.
• They are used for home renovation purposes as well. You can convert them into homes, modify them as swimming pools or make offices or cafes out of them. You can surprise your kids by converting these into kids’ zone. They are also being installed for public conveniences, modeled into emergency hospitals as they are easy to move and install while needing very low maintenance.

Benefits of HQ

High cube containers offer many benefits due to their durability, versatility, strength, and other such qualities.

Durability: As they are made of corrugated steel, they are sturdy and provide durability to the shipping boxes.
Wind and Watertight Quality: They are made to withstand extreme weather conditions and climate, and safeguard your goods from rain, heat, and cold.
Extra Space: You are free to load more cargo in them as they provide more space than standard containers. This happens because of their extra height.
Renovation: Because of their high ceiling, the extra space provides the solution of adding a false ceiling. By adding a false ceiling, you can easily renovate your container with air-conditioning, heating, or use it for ventilation purposes a well.
Storage: That extra centimeter solves your problem of keeping tall items safely. You can store items like furniture, machinery, or craft supplies without worrying about any damage while transit.

Challenges of HQ

• Though High cube containers provide you with bountiful advantages, they come along with some challenges as well.
• These are higher than other boxes so you cannot just place them anywhere. You have to look for a space that is high and can easily accommodate it.
• To keep things inside, you need a special chassis or wagon so that you can move your goods. Without it, there could be problems in loading the cargo.
• When your maritime container is on move, you have to keep height restrictions in mind while crossing the bridge or tunnel via road or rail. Because of their taller height, they need extra care while moving.

In how many container types HQ dimensions are available at LOTUS Containers?

LOTUS Containers can adeptly help you get different types of high cube shipping containers. Whether you want a new or used high cube container or need them in different types, you can get them easily here at affordable rates. The different types that we are known for providing are:

• 40’and 45′ High Cube Dry Van

We provide the 40′ High Cube Dry Van and the 45′ High Cube Dry Van to solve your problem of loading, storing, and transferring huge dry cargo with maximum ease. People ideally know Dry Vans as standard metal shipping containers and are most preferred by the shippers.

• 45′ and 40′ High Cube Pallet wide

Our 40′ High Cube Pallet wide and 45′ High Cube Pallet wide take the tension of transporting and storing the goods that are fragile in nature. The pallets keep the items from moving during the transfer, thus, saving them from any damage.

• 20′ High Cube Double Door

The 20′ High Cube Double Door is our specialty as they give you the freedom of loading the cargo from both sides. Thus, they can easily compartmentalize different goods.

• 40′ High Cube Hard Top Open Top

40′ High Cube Hard Top Open Top takes the tension of keeping the tall machinery, pipes, and other such items. They come with removable steel roofs so when you don’t need a roof in order to keep tall objects, you can remove them.

• 40′ High Cube Reefer

We provide the 40′ High Cube Reefer that helps you store and move all the perishable objects without wasting them. The perishable items like food, seafood, flowers, medicines, and others have the tendency to go to waste but with our dedicated hc refrigerated containers, all stuff remains safe.

• 40′ High Cube Insulated

The 40′ High Cube Insulated container that we provide is top-notch and can keep your perishable safe goods safe for quite a time. The difference between them and reefers is that where the reefers have a refrigeration unit, the insulated container maintains the set temperature.

Where to buy a High cube container?

The confusion of whether to buy a high cube container vs a standard container has been very common among buyers. This mostly depends upon the cargo that one is shipping. Standard containers can carry almost any type of cargo and have walls on all sides. They are wind and waterproof and you can use them to transport cargo to any location in the world. High cube containers on the other hand, although are similar to standard steel shipping containers, but offer an added feature, height. You can easily transport the cargo that is extra in height and cannot fit into a standard container via a high cube shipping container.

High cube containers solve the extra cargo problem. If you are looking for a container that could provide extra space to fit all your cargo, then HQ offers the best storage container solutions. At LOTUS Containers, avail the right shipping containers for all types of cargoes. No matter what place of the world you live in, our global presence and 24 hours active customer support team can reach you anywhere anytime. Get in touch and we will be happy to simplify your container acquisition. So if 40 high cube container for sale near me is in your search list, then you know where to contact as we provide high cube containers in South Africa, North America, South America, Europe, China, and other parts of the world with supreme ease.

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