40' Flat Rack

This container type is designed to facilitate the transport of heavy and wide cargoes.
  • heavy duty base construction
  • designed to carry heavy cargo usually out of gauge (length, width or height)
  • the two end walls can be either fixed or folding
  • flush folding designs allow the flat rack to be used as a Platform
  • in contrast to a  Platform, loaded Flats can be stacked on top of each other
  • they can be loaded from the top or the side
  • folded Flat Racks can be bundled to reduce empty positioning costs
inside dimensions
length mm11884
length ft39'
width mm2082
width ft6' 10"
height mm2270
height ft7' 5 3/8''
capacity cbm./.
capacity cbft./.
tare kg4795
tare pd10570
max. payload kg40205
max. payload pd88637
max. gross kg45000
max. gross pd99207
ISO size type42P3
ISO size group42PC
outside dimensions
length mm12192
length ft40'
width mm2438
width ft8'
height mm2591
height ft8' 6"
door opening
width mm./.
width ft./.
height mm./.
height ft./.
width side door mm./.
width side door ft./.
height side door mm./.
height side door ft./.
roof opening
height mm./.
height ft./.
width mm./.
width ft./.

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